Sensitization and Awareness Project (2015-2016) on Organ Donation and Human Organ Transplantation

(A NOTTO initiative in collaboration with ZTCC Mumbai)



Human Organ Transplantation Act-1994 has paved the way for organ donation and Diseased Donor Transplantation in India. The consequent amendments in 2011 have made it possible to retrieve organs from Non-Transplant Organ Retrieval Centers [NTORCs].

Organ Transplantation is the only ray of hope for most of the patients suffering from End Stage Organ Failure and in most of the coordinating Agencies there is a long recipient waiting list.

The success of the Diseased Donor Transplantation program depends largely on the awareness in general public and to the great extent on awareness and Sensitization of the Medical and Para – Medical Professionals of the institute where the death occurs.

On the principle that every family should be approached and given the opportunity to donate organs of their loved ones and no organ should go waste ZTCC Mumbai [upcoming ROTTO and SOTTO Maharashtra and Western Zone] has planned to organize Education and Sensitization workshops at various districts of Maharashtra and cities of the western Region.

Target Group– Medical and Para- Medical professionals, ICU doctors and staff,social workers or interested individuals and organisations.

Aims and Objectives:-

1] Educate and sensitize them on the issue of organ Donation and Human Organ Transplantation and concept of brain death

2] Make them aware about the legal, social, Medical and Ethical aspects of organ donation and transplantation

3] To establish networking and building alliances of ROTTO or ZTCC s with the local teams of the respective district or city  to co-ordinate the transplant and organ donation activities.

Program plan-

The workshop or seminars will be conducted with the help of local medical professionals preferably at the Govt. Medical Institute of the district or city on the topic in co-ordination with ZTCCs and ROTTO to be established K.E.M Hospital,Mumbai.

The ICU professionals, social workers, transplant team members of the Registered Transplant units and NTORCs  or the professional of any other hospitals having ICU beds, members of interested NGOs or individuals in promotion of organ donation will  be invited for the workshop.

A team of two members one medical professional and one coordinator, or two coordinators will be sent to conduct the programme. If possible experienced   Medical professionals from the district or city can be involved to conduct the session. A standard presentation will be made on most of the topics.

The local team for future co-ordination will be made at the end of the workshop for follow up activities.These team will be further conducting awareness sessions in the given area.

 Expected program outcome

1]The awareness and sensitization activities on organ donation will be conducted in 36 districts in Maharashtra and the few cities of the Western region.

2] The local teams for each district and  cities in western region will be made to co-ordinate the request for organ donation and spread awareness on the cause.