IMG-20151116-WA0021IMG-20151116-WA0025IMG-20151116-WA0019 IMG-20151116-WA0023 IMG-20151116-WA0027Sensitization and Awareness Project (2015-2016) on Organ Donation and Human Organ Transplantation

(A NOTTO initiative in collaboration with ZTCC Mumbai)

November – December Series :

1. C.P.R Hospital, Kolhapur on 16th November 2015. The 1st such program was successfully held in Kolhapur with Dr. Rahul Gune, who helped ZTCC coordinate and arrange the workshop. Dr. Kamaxi Bhate (KEMH), Mr. Anirudha Kulkarni (MSW, Jupiter Hospital) and Mrs. Arthi Gokhale (ZTCC, Pune) were the ZTCC Representatives and educators for the same.

2. Sterling Hospital and CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad – 25th November 2015. The 1st sensitization & awareness workshop in Gujrat will be held on 25th November. Dr. Sucheta Desai (Hinduja Hospital & Dr. Rekha Barot (KDA Hospital) will be conducting the 2 sessions.